There are multiple ways for healing light and energy to enter us, and the voice is one such way. It all depends on our connection with the energy of the person on the other end of our ears! Voice. Voicing an opinion. Voice over for a commercial. Voice of wonder. Voices from down under. Accented voice. Dry and droll voices. Musical voice. Mellifluous voice. There are some people we love to listen to and we may not even know why. Others we just don't resonate with. The human voice can soothe, persuade, cajole, comfort, inspire and entertain. It can lead us into meditation or temptation, hypnotize us into weight loss or put us right to sleep!  Who doesn't love a reassuring, comforting voice on the other end of a customer service telephone call?! 

I am including this page here because voice acting has come into my energy sphere of late. Above is the link to my demo. I am open minded, open hearted, open voiced and am wondering where this all will lead. All I really know, in honesty, is that when you listen to your soul voice and follow the promptings of your higher self, there's always a reason even if you don't understand it in the moment. 

Thanks for listening!