Living from Soul in every moment is Courage.
Loving from Soul generates Miracles.    
Leading from Soul is Magic.

A Soul Healing Journey

As we lean into the the beauty that is the Divinity that we are, we are called upon to hold tensions that vibrate through our bodies in wave after wave of downloads for the purpose of our human evolution. This is not easy and is often painful to our physicality. We get confused. We feel alone. We wonder WTactualF is going on! We think we are sick or unwell. We believe we need HELP but wonder where to actually find it. 

This is all part of our Journey.

You may find help with alternative medicine. You may find help through body work.

You may find help through a well written book. You may find help from energy healing.

You may find help through a channeled message. You may find help through an Akashic reader.

You may find help in amazing educational workshops. 

You may find help just by staying in bed and reading the latest book club novel.

You may find help hiking a mountain or sitting on the shore.

All of these things are SoulMeant to guide you to a greater attunement to your own SoulKnowing and to support you as you learn how to navigate the ever increasing energy waves pulsating our way to hold us to the Truth of Who and What we are...Divine Beings of Light. As Light increases on this magnificent planet, we collaborate with All-That-Is as one sparklight of the One and when we join together in the Quantum Unified Field, our insights and Knowingness grows brighter. We are not alone! We have never been alone, even and especially when we truly believed we were. 

We share what we learn thereby opening ourselves to learn more. We traverse tragedy. We wallow in emotional mire until we climb out and hose ourselves off. We are grateful when someone steps up and offers, "Here. Let me help you with that," and uses warm water instead of cold muddy bilge water.

You know what to do.

Trust YOU! 

Trust your Soul.

Remember...we're in this thing together!

It's In The Cards!

Please feel free to email me with any questions at  

Your oracle deck includes 12 personal cards,  and a booklet with channeled information about your cards. A video and digital images of your oracle deck will be emailed to you.

These cards are soul encoded with quantum holographic seeds of divine expansion and will continue to work with you as you journey on. They may offer healing, insight and wisdom in subtle ways that find their way into your daily experience. 

We will begin with an 88ish minute Soulversation session that initiates the creative process between our Infinite Soul Selves.

The unfolding of the creative process for bringing your cards into form does not have a set time, but so far has taken between two to four weeks not including shipping times. This is subject to change depending on my availability. During our Soulversation we will discuss the details of timing and your specific needs.

I will send your oracle deck and booklet to the mailing address you provide. A 33% non-refundable deposit is required at the time of commissioning your personal deck.

I look forward to playing and working with you quantum frequencies of Divine Co-creativity in support of your soul journey.

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