We, none of us, do any of this Life Progress stuff all on our own. We connect heart to heart, soul to soul with other travelers along the way. Sometimes we stay connected for a moment, passing blissfully and easily through each other's lives. Sometimes we merge and mingle in loving companionship developing quintessential soul intimacy that lasts a life time. Then, other times, we connect via the magic of words on a page in a book or on a computer screen, a tablet or a phone. In any and all ways, we are somehow moved, shaken, stirred in the depths and regions of soul where our hearts beat in universal rhythm in time with some other wonders of divine proportions. Who we are, tender in earnest desire to be heard, felt, understood and loved, may be found in the precious connections of who and what touch us at any given time.  

Below you will find a smattering, a mere sampling, of a few such souls who have touched me in one way or another. I am grateful, and so I want to share! This page will be ever changing and added to, so stay tuned and visit often. 

Into the Swirl, spinning in Time, creating emotions with rhythm & rhyme. You are woven into the fabric of my heart, threading Trust through tattered holes, Healing a breach with our Love & Friendship. Filling the gap, easing the ache. Love & Friendship forever in our reach. Music encircles us, echoing laughter into the air. Into the Swirl, spinning in Time, floating in Harmony, connecting our lives. hwmaclean 2002© For and with Chris Rutecki...in gratitude and memory.