Working with the quantum field of  energy is connecting you to a higher frequency of balance and alignment which leads to healing and wellness.  Healing stories ensue. We each experience healing frequencies from within the depths of our own divinity, therefore each story is as individual as each soul is. Some stories express subtle nuances whilst others may appear more dramatic in nature. All healing stories are beautiful and valid. 

This woman is the real deal. Besides getting to walk with her as friend and spiritual partner for the past eight years, she’s been my “healer on retainer” a.k.a. the secret weapon in my back pocket when I need some kind of shamanic, soul, and energetic healing that I can’t quite reach on my own.

No one of us does this thing alone. Especially when we think we are alone. We are hardwired to know ourselves as individuals, and we are hardwired for connection.

My friend @songsofkat says, “let us need each other and be okay with it.”

Life is a thing we learn to do alone together. And I’m so grateful I get to do it with you and the aid of your amazing healing gifts, @intotheswirl.

Instagram post from @McCallErickson

photo from one of our Jasper Beach Healing Retreats, Maine October 2018

"I had a distance healing session with Heather. It's hard to put my experience into words. I feel this is an advanced form of healing where the mind is pushed out of the way. I got a sense of alignment, of peace, of love. It's rare that I can feel truly restful, but during this session I got to feel it. It's like all that normally pulls at my mind got turned down. It was especially comforting to receive the healing in the comfort of my own home." Fiona, Melbourne, Australia 

"I sat in my lounge room in Melbourne, Australia while Heather did a healing on me from USA. It was the most peaceful I had felt in a long time. A real sense of calm came over me, and continued to do so after the healing. With eyes closed I saw a beautiful purple heart shape come toward me. And the message I heard, 'Always send healing in return. Every relationship is reciprocal!!' Thank you,Heather for the great experience." Paula C, Melbourne, Australia

This is Lucy. Click HERE to read her healing story. We will share more as it unfolds. This link will redirect you to my Into the Swirl Healing Stories blog. 

Introducing Gemma June. You will notice that she is on the wrong side of the door and doesn't know how it happened!

She is a six month old kitten that we got from an online classified advertisement. She came to us a very sick little girl and we did not know it until we got her home. Gemma's healing story will be coming to you soon, so stay tuned!

"I had a distance healing session with Heather. I live in Melbourne, Australia. I have a cat who suffers from anxiety and rarely would he ever lie on me for a long period of time, he usually jumps off and can be very skittish. During my session with Heather, he remained relaxed on me, a lot like the photo on Heather's website, and he was very calm. I could also feel my hands on him were very hot, almost like he was soaking up the energy. For myself, I felt very calm and weightless. My energy had been quite heavy coming into the session after an emotionally tense few weeks prior. I felt lighter and more connected to the feeling of love for the people in my life. Thank you Heather for a lovely healing." Anna M., Melbourne, Australia

"I am so grateful I had the opportunity to have a distance healing session with Heather! She was so gentle and lovely. Before our session I had gotten up extra early and had a few questions swirling around in my mind... however, the session itself was calm and peaceful once I settled myself on my couch with a blanket. I had some clear simple responses to some of those questions come calmly to me straight away, as did knowledge that after I had a nap I would have more, and I did. The session was immensely valuable to me, I would not hesitate to recommend it!  PS I think it is nice you are from Maine. My cat is a Maine Coon, and I think she was calmed by you during the session too..." Mae C, Victoria, Australia


"This is essentially how Heathergy works. Heathergy is alchemy. You MEET the block and change it into flow. You don't just aimlessly insert flow into someone hoping for a miracle." M.E.

"Heather's treatments are centering and make my mind, body, and soul feel connected."   B. H. 

"Thank you for the Reiki treatment. I found it incredibly relaxing and soothing! I slept incredibly soundly last night, and I felt really calm and balanced today. I'm curious to see how my work week goes, because I found today that my emotions just felt very even keeled." E.V. 

"I thoroughly enjoy and look forward to my treatments by Heather. She reinvigorates my body and mind, realigning them and reconnecting me with myself on levels I didn't even know I was disconnected on. It's because of this  that I have come to think of her as my spiritual chiropractor. Each and every time I learn something new about myself, whether it be a strength  I didn't know I was hiding, or a weakness I didn't  know  I had been nurturing. She is like a valuable weapon I have in my arsenal against life." HMD 

"Heather, thank you so very much for yesterday. 
I had a restful sleep and no tummy pains this morning!!  Aaahhhhh!
 Thanks doesn't quite cut it. I love you!!" S.U.

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