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Featured Healing Story ~ Testimonial

When I first met Heather, I had been working some deeply frustrating pieces that had their hold over me for at least 6 years if not longer.  I know it was 6 years because that is how long I have been with my partner and this energy had been a major theme in our relationship since the very beginning.  Ever since I met him, I knew that he was my person and I wanted to get married and commit to one another more deeply than anyone I had been with before.  In my inner story, I felt that I was holding a tension rope of pressure towards my partner that was causing him to feel repelled instead of attracted.  I wanted very much for us to get married and take that next step of commitment in our relationship.  I had held a story that I wanted this beyond measure, but he was too slow in realizing it and I had no trust that he would ever come to feel the same.  I was holding a story of desire that was wrapped up so tight in the constriction of my wounding of betrayal, abandonment, separation and resistance.  There was no way my partner could feel safe to step towards me with a vision of our future when I was literally shielding him with all the resistance of my old stories disguised as me not getting what I wanted.  Heather asked me a little bit about the story I was holding and listened deeply.  She told me, with my permission, she would like to access the energy and see what she could do.  

For a few weeks, I revisited the old script and could feel it shifting and changing in me with her assistance.  She did a session on me where I could feel her presence like a light breeze working on the subtle realms of my being.  We discussed the session and she shared with me her experience of my system.  In the days that followed, Heather designed a light code to help my system integrate the work she had been doing with me.  It was beautiful and felt lovely to look at, lots of oranges and blues, I gazed at it for some time after she shared it with me. (Above LightCode shared with permission.)  A couple weeks following these events, I could feel a deep release had happened from the work Heather and I had done.  I felt less attached, more in acceptance of the beauty of the love my partner and I had as the frustrating unmet desire that constantly had been with me faded into oblivion.  I had let go on a deep level, surrendered to what was, and felt a lovely sense of satisfaction surrounding my relationship and where it was headed.  Within days of noticing this change, my partner and I committed to a 9 month course together and I felt more deeply committed than ever before.  Over the next weeks, my energy towards him changed, I was happy, satisfied and felt more secure in our relationship than ever before.  Within 3 months from when my work with Heather began, he proposed to me.  The energy that Heather helped me clear with her work was so profound and powerful that it cleared the path for him to approach me and take that dive I had always wanted but was unconsciously preventing. 

Heather is a powerful healer, she is non-invasive and works so gently yet so profoundly.  She is someone I can trust and someone who has the capability of helping many people.  The changes she helped me come about were ones I had tried to work through on my own but could not see.  Her ability to work with the unseen, unconscious patterns that held me back were incredible.  The ease and grace that she used to shift those old patterns was so beautiful and have helped me to touch a deeper happiness than I have known in my life.  I am forever grateful for her gifts and her work in my life.  I can not recommend her enough if you have issues arising in your life that you are ready to let go of.  The time is now for each of us to receive the help we need to awaken, thank you Heather! 

RJC May 2019❤❤

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