I am eager and excited to share Reconnective Healing with you, an energy healing frequency that is really Something Else!

Presently, I am scheduling appointments for DISTANCE HEALING SESSIONS. Distance healing works through the fields of energy, light and information in conjunction with the highest intelligence of the Universe. Physical distance is no barrier or impediment to the efficacy of these healing frequencies. In fact, some of my clients have expressed that they feel just as effected, if not more so, by the remote sessions as they do with in-person sessions. 

Locally,  I am mobile and will come to you, bringing my healing table thereby offering you the opportunity to experience an in PERSON HEALING SESSION in the comfort of your own home. Living in Maine, "locally" means a radius of 50 to 100 miles from the Bangor area, although, I certainly will consider traveling  further distances if you have a small group interested in booking sessions. I am feeling a three person minimum would be a good place to start for this. 

Please CONTACT me and we will discuss the details.

Please fill out and digitally sign the Client Intake Form and Waiver. The information you provide is confidential. I will contact you shortly thereafter to discuss scheduling your session.

Thank you!

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Services of Interest

Reconnective Healing Sessions

$ 88.00 USD

In-Person ~ Reconnective Healing Session 

Distance - Reconnective Healing Session

Reconnective Healing Session - Pet/Animal

Between 1 & 3 Sessions are recommended




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