I am eager and excited to share multidimensional energy healing frequencies with you. In conjunction with Reconnective Healing, I also work with LightCodes. These LightCodes come along in the quantum frequencies that recognize YOU and work within your energy system in a unique Soulversation of Remembering. What are you remembering? Who you are in all of your energy spaces, not only in your physical spaces. You are a magnificent being of energy, light and information. The work we do here together helps you reconnect to that truth, a truth that your soul whispers to you in your sleep, in those spaces where light refracts, bends and expands your perceptions of your experiences here on the earth plain.  

DISTANCE (Remote) HEALING SESSIONS. Distance healing works through the quantum fields of energy, light and information in conjunction with the highest intelligence of the Universe. Physical distance is no barrier to the efficacy of these healing frequencies. In fact, some of my soul friends have expressed that they feel just as effected, if not more so, by the remote sessions as they do with in-person sessions healing sessions. 

LOCAL HEALING SESSIONS. I come to you. I bring my healing table thereby offering you the opportunity to fully ENJOY an in PERSON HEALING SESSION in the comfort of your own home. Living in Maine, "locally" means a radius of 50 to 100 miles from the Bangor area.

I will travel  further distances if you have a small group interested in booking sessions. (Three person minimum)

Please reach out to me with any questions you have by emailing me: intotheswirl88@gmail.com.

Reconnective Healing Sessions 

$125.00 USD

Reconnective Healing is a tangible energy exchange with multidimensional Universal intelligence. As we tune into these frequencies together, you will be aligned more wholly with your own soul source energy. Your conscious awareness and presence will be enhanced and heightened physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. You will connect more fully with the divinity within you and find yourself more relaxed, more present, more focused. Where you have felt blocked, you will feel flow. You may see colors or shapes, hear sounds, or receive reassuring messages from Spirit. Healing has a trajectory all its own and this healing energy will continue to give to you, work with you, as you move forward in your journey. Your healing experience will be just as unique as you are! Whether in the Physical or Remote (distance) Presence of one another, we begin with a Soulversation (soul 2 soul conversation in person, via telephone, Skype or Zoom), whereby, together, we co-create a collaborative connection with the Quantum Field of Energy, Light & Information. 

(60 minutes)

Spiritual Guidance Session 

$125.00 USD

This session is a soul to soul natter. We will spend some time unpacking what's on your mind and tune into the energies seeking to flow through you for the sake of your soul alignment. Clarity and insight tends to arise with this type of Soulversation where you are heard, seen and validated. 

This is a remote (distance) or in person session.

(60 minutes)

Personal LightCode 

$ 125.00 USD

After a brief Soulversation between us, (up to 30 minutes) via telephone, Skype or Zoom, I create a personal LightCode for you. A piece of LightCode channeled from within our joined quantum field of connection carries Soul Encoded information from your HigherSelf, your Team in Spirit, as well as your Guides to support your journey of awakening, healing and ascension. This personalized LightCode will be emailed to you in a digital format, but may also include a by-my-own-hand LightCode that I will snail mail to you. 

(Total session is 60 minutes)

PetSoul Energy Healing 

$ 65.00 USD

After a brief Soulversation between us about your precious pet via telephone, Zoom or Skype, I will work with the healing frequencies to bring about a better alignment to flow. Reconnective Healing energies are a wonder to behold with pets. There is no artifice and the petsoul is so open to receive the beauty of the connection to wellness. They really lean into it, as it were. 

I will come to you locally or work with you and your PetSoul remotely. 

(30 minutes)

It's In The Cards: A Personal LightCode Oracle Deck


Your oracle deck includes 12 personal cards,  and a booklet with channeled information about your cards. A video and digital images of your oracle deck will be emailed to you.

These cards are soul encoded with quantum holographic seeds of divine expansion and will continue to work with you as you journey on. They may offer healing, insight and wisdom in subtle ways that find their way into your daily experience. 

We will begin with an 88ish minute Soulversation session that initiates the creative process between our Infinite Soul Selves.

The unfolding of the creative process for bringing your cards into form does not have a set time, but so far has taken between two to four weeks not including shipping times. This is subject to change depending on my availability. During our Soulversation we will discuss the details of timing and your specific needs.

I will send your oracle deck and booklet to the mailing address you provide. A 33% non-refundable deposit is required at the time of commissioning your personal deck

I look forward to playing with you in the frequencies of Divine Co-creativity in support of your soul journey.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at intotheswirl88@gmail.com.

Subscription Services for Heathergy

Subscription services are for those that have worked with me in the past or who are currently working with me in the Now moment and want to have me be their "Healer on Retainer". This WholeSouled offering represents our ongoing Soul Aligned Agreement and incorporates regular energy work, LightCode and specialty work that can only be attained through Time, Space and Presence in constant Flow through the multidimensionality of Who We Are to each other. This is for You if you Know who I am and how I serve in integrity, truth and Light. I honor You as You honor Me in the We that we are in the connection to Oneness. 

All is Well. All is Always Well. Love and Blessings. 

To inquire about pricing, availability and specifics for Heathergy Subscriptions, please email me at: intotheswirl88@gmail.com.

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